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Heat Treating Services

Carbide Products, Inc. performs in-house thermal processing, including stress relieving, annealing, heat-treating with air, oil or water quenching and tempering. Available to our team is a Lucifer dual chamber electric furnace with PLC programmable controls (to 2,300° f) and a Pillar Cycle-Dyne 12.5kw solid state induction heating system.

Carbide Products, Inc. also outsources thermal processing for large volume and special requirements such as vacuum and salt-bath heat treating and tempering of high-speed steel, nitriding, case hardening, cryogenic processing and other advanced processing. We partner with these premier service companies to provide a plethora of high-tech thermal processing technologies.

Century Sun Metal Treating
Traverse City, MI

Kentucky Heat Treating Co.
Winchester, KY

Bodycote Thermal Processing, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

Accuphase Metal Treating, LLC
Dayton, OH

Winston Heat Treating
Dayton, OH